When we did up the warehouse

For the last 5 week we have been doing work on our warehouse so we are very behind on bottling.

We are doing all the work ourselves to save money, which will, eventually pay for new tested flavours.

Up to now we have transformed upstairs, which was just a storage area previously, into a new ISO7 clean room.

This week we are demolishing the old clean rooms downstairs ready for our new bottling plant that arrives in the next couple of month.

We have removed walls, built new ones and laid new flooring (before and after photos will be added once we have finished it), and we have also transformed the loading bay.

We maybe low on stock right now but it is taking time to finish it as there are only 2 of us doing all this work and I am sure you will agree, it is better to know we genuinely care where your liquid is made.

We can only try our best at the moment to keep up to date on keeping the site stocked but if we are out of stock, you can now see we are working our asses off making things better for you all

Team DDV

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