Vape Tweezers with Atomizer Spanner (Multi Vape Tool)


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Vape Tweezers

Vape Tweezers

With multi vape tools

Insulated, Heat Resistant Tweezers.

Multi Tool with Atomizer Spanner & Built In Plus & Minus Screwdriver

Ceramic Tweezers

With Atomiser Spanner

Ever get your tank stuck on your mod? Or are you unable to remove your tank lid for filling?

These Tweezers are what you have been looking for.

Not only do the help strum coils, they can also open screws in your RDA’s.

Even better, they have a + screwdriver head and a screwdriver head

Spanner diameter spans from 7mm to 24mm so most vape tanks are covered in size.

  • Heat resistant
  • Insulated
  • Made from Biomedical Zirconia Ceramic

Please be careful as these can get very hot when using

Be careful of the sharp tweezer tips

Keep out of reach of children

Vape Tweezers

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