Steam Crave Limited Edition Aromamizer Plus 30mm RDTA


Steam Crave Limited Edition Aromamizer Plus Available in Blue and Red


Steam Crave Limited Edition Aromamizer Plus


Steam Crave Limited Edition Aromamizer Plus Kit includes:

1* Aromamizer Plus whole unit (with postless deck)

1* Spare 10ml glass

1* Vape band

1* Spare O ring and grub screws

1* Allen Key

1* 510 drip tip adaptor

1 * Series deck

1 * Single coil deck

1 * 15ml bubble glass

1 *Bundle sale 5ml conversion kit ( including 1 pc short chimney part & 2pcs 5ml glass)





Looking for coils?

We stock plenty of brands, from Coilology to Demon Killer

Demon Killer Raging Fire Coil Ni80 Coils 4pcs

Coilology Ni80 Coils

Building your own coils will not only save you money in the long term but many vapers say it will also give you a far better vaping experience.

Think of it like bread – shop bought is OK but nothing beats home baked.

And as I know from experience it’s also extremely therapeutic as well as rewarding.

Sounds daft but I find the whole process of coil building extremely relaxing almost hypnotic and my mind [usually far too busy] goes quiet – quite Zen really.

And it is indeed rewarding as in you feel almost liberated from the need to feed your tank like a hungry baby bird but instead of worms an endless supply of expensive stock coils!

The other reward is the flavour and vapour.

You will not believe the difference between a stock coil inside a tank and a self-built coil inside a dripper or RTA – it really will blow your mind.


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Weight 0.252 kg

Red, Blue


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