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Kendo Vape Cotton Gold

Kendo Vape Cotton Gold

The no.1 Japanese vape cotton that brings vaping to a whole new level. Kendo Vape Cotton’s superiority gives you the pleasure of vaping.

Kendo Vape Cotton Gold

1 x Bag of Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

100% Organic Japanese cotton
Tasteless and Unbleached
Long Lasting, Heat-Resistant
Absorbent and Low Taste Retention
Pesticide Free Cotton

Kendo Vape Cotton Gold

Kendo Vape Cotton themselves are based out of Malaysia, and the cotton itself is grown and cultivated in Japan from a single carefully selected species of cotton plant. It’s 100% organic, unbleached and pesticide free, and the cotton plant used was selected due to its ability to provide no cotton taste, minimal flavour bleed over, outstanding liquid absorption capabilities and its resistance to burning as well.


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