**An update- I have just had confirmation that our post will be collected as normal today, but depending on where you live, it may be delayed at your end due to the snow**

A quick note to say whilst we made it in today & completed all orders, your delivery may be a little late.

We have just received the following email & as we have no snow here in sunny Thornton, I am currently on the phone trying to find out if we are getting a collection or not.

So please bear with us while we do our best to find out.

Also, if your order is delayed, please be patient as this is out of our hands.

Your Royal Mail collection today

Dear DripDrop Vapour

Due to the current weather conditions, we’re really sorry to say we may not be able to collect from you today.

Our people are out collecting today in areas where access is possible and it’s safe for them to do so. Access may not be possible at different parts of their journey which could also prevent us getting to some seemingly unaffected areas.

If safe and possible to do so, you may prefer to take urgent items to your local Delivery Office or Mail Centre.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the adverse weather conditions.

We’re endeavouring to keep any disruption to a minimum, and we’re working hard to return service to normal as quickly as possible.


Royal Mail Customer Services