Strawberry Shake E-Liquid 100ml

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Strawberry Milkshake

Ever Sat In A Well Known Burger Place And Had A Milkshake That You Wished You Could Bottle Up & Vape? 

Strawberry Shake Is Not Your Average Shake!

DDV Strawberry Shake Is A Full On, Creamy, Sweet & Ice Cold Milkshake, That Is So Thick You Think You Are Vaping It Through A Straw

A Very Refreshing ADV

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Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake E-Liquid made by UK Vapers

63.33 VG

Bottle size 120ml (100ml filled)

Nic Shot Ready

Chubby Gorilla Official bottles

No DDV liquids contain food colourings. All recipes are ready to be compliant

Quick description of mixing ratios

The following is a breakdown of what our Shot It Nicotine Shots will make your end ration for our 100ml shortfills-

2 x PG Shot It shots will be approximately 55VG

2 x VG shots will be approximately 85VG.

1x VG & 1 X PG will be 70VG

Who are DripDrop Vapour?

DripDrop Vapour started up in 2015 after seeing a gap in the market for quality products but at an affordable price.
We are a family run vape company who have battled amongst the big guns to take through testing over 40 different flavours since May 2017.
We started out vaping back in 2010 and 9 years on we still vape.
Every flavour has been through our own tanks/drippers and we still only ever still vape our own flavours.

Quite often we play around with different flavours and are currently compiling a list of new ones we are taking through testing this year.

Why choose DripDrop Vapour?

DripDrop use only compliant flavourings, which contain no hidden nasties. All of our 100ml shortfills are as safe to vape as our 10ml ranges which are fully compliant. We develop our flavours in ISO7 accredited clean-rooms.
DDV only use EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine in our Shot It Nicotine Shots
We batch test at regular intervals and have batch control using batch numbers.We design our labels in house ourselves. We are not graphic designers but we are learning as we go.

All of our shortfills are made the exact same way as our 10ml flavours- In an ISO clean room & all of our recipes are ready to be compliant once we have the capital to take them through the next round of testing.

0mg E-Liquid

Strawberry Shake E-Liquid

UK Vapers

Our Shortfill Range

Banana Shake, Black Astaire, Black Grape, Blackcurrant Jam, Chilled Mango, Do You Sell Pies, Blue Raspberry, Fresh Orange, Fresh Cold OrangeFrooty, Grape Freeze, Gummy Cola, Iron Brew, Latte, Lemon & Lime Ice, Lemon Drizzle, Lychee, Melon Mouth, Melonz, Narwhal Tears, Pear Drops, Pink Lemonade, Ribina (Blackcurrant), Ribina Ice, Stikkles, Stikkles Ice, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Shake, Twister, Vanilla Shake

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11 reviews for Strawberry Shake E-Liquid 100ml

  1. Alan

    Delicious ADV juice. It is top top liquid. I don’t taste the menthol people are talking about. The best strawberry juice I’ve tasted and I’ve been vaping since 2014. Mark of 10/10 for me.

  2. George Law

    nice sweet flavour, best strawberry I have tried apart from the strawberry jam ofc 🙂 nice sweet inhale with a sweet and flavourful exhail (milkshake), as for cooling effect you can taste it when using MTL device but not so much when using a sub ohm which is a plus for me. good job!

  3. Simon

    Another great one DDV. This is one of my new favourite juices. Tastes exactly like a Strawberry Shake without the calories. A tasty Strawberry milk with that little bit of coldness to give you a fresh shake.

  4. Jakob

    The best liquid I think I’ve ever had, after trying most of dripdrops range this is still my favourite and a great ADV. Such a great flavour and the slight menthol just tops it off nicely.

  5. Danielle N. Willmott

    Wow guys! Ive been vaping for a good few years now now, and my go to flavours are always grape, pineapple and strawberry milkshake. Ive tried about 6 different strawberry milkshake flavours from other brands and this one is by far the very best out there! Its got the perfect amount of strawberry, milk and cold blast and I cannot get enough of it! Its like its come straight from the drive thru! Beyond impressed and will 100% be ordering again! Thank you so much for finally getting it right!

  6. Michael Dear

    Absolutely love this, apart from the fact there is just a bit too much ice / menthol for me so only use it in short bursts, not as an ADV

  7. Bulldog64

    strawberry shake is another great tasting juice from drip drop very refreshing and would recommend to any vapers who love the taste of strawberry milk this is a real nice all day vape to enjoy……

  8. Hazel Appleton

    The strawberry milk part of this is almost perfect, but a bit too much ice/menthol for me – makes me feel queasy very quickly.
    Still missing the pre-TPD strawberry mother’s milk, much creamier and more balanced imo. Would love a shortfill of strawberry milk/cream!

  9. subohmxwarxsteee

    One of the best milkshakes I’ve tried Tastes just like a Mc… milkshake 🙂

  10. Danny Little

    Tastes just like strawberry shake from a well known fast food chain. Sweet strawberry with a sweet, thick and creamy ice cream. Heaven!

  11. youarethehunted

    What a lovely strawberry snake not to strong or over powering just pure bliss creamy and def fir those woth a sweet tooth

    Very nice combined with the squashies juice as well

    Well done guys

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