Coilology Ni80 Prebuilt Wire Spool


Coilology Prebuilt Wire Spools

A builders dream, go for those fancy coils without the need to spend ages building the wire

 Fused Clapton Wire Ni80

Clapton Wire Ni80

 Framed Staple Ni80

Tri-Core Fused Clapton Ni80

Multi Strand Fused Clapton Ni80



Coilology Ni80 Prebuilt Wire Spools

Vape Wire by Coilology

 Fused Clapton Wire Ni80

Clapton Wire Ni80

 Framed Staple Ni80

Tri-Core Fused Clapton Ni80

Multi Strand Fused Clapton Ni80

Coilology Ni80 Wire Spools

Vape Wire ni80

Who are DripDrop Vapour?

DripDrop Vapour started up in 2015 after seeing a gap in the market for quality products but at an affordable price.
We are a family run vape company who have battled amongst the big guns to take through testing over 40 different flavours since May 2017.
We started out vaping back in 2010 and 9 years on we still vape.
Every flavour has been through our own tanks/drippers and we still only ever still vape our own flavours.

Quite often we play around with different flavours and are currently compiling a list of new ones we are taking through testing this year.

Why choose DripDrop Vapour?

DripDrop use only compliant flavourings, which contain no hidden nasties. All of our 100ml shortfills are as safe to vape as our 10ml ranges which are fully compliant. We develop our flavours in ISO7 accredited clean-rooms.
DDV only use EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine in our Shot It Nicotine Shots
We batch test at regular intervals and have batch control using batch numbers.We design our labels in house ourselves. We are not graphic designers but we are learning as we go.

All of our shortfills are made the exact same way as our 10ml flavours- In an ISO clean room & all of our recipes are ready to be compliant once we have the capital to take them through the next round of testing.

Why are DripDrop cheap for hardware?

We don’t make much money on hardware as we are E-Liquid manufacturers first & foremost. We like to offer value to vapers as we vape ourselves and know money can be tight at times. So while you are here browsing our hardware, please support our careers by purchasing at least 1 bottle of E-Liquid. Every penny that comes in from E-Liquid sales is put back in, whether it is for new flavours, testing or even improving our production facility, DripDrop Vapour cares and will be here supporting you as you support us

Additional information

Weight 0.029 kg

Fused Clapton, Clapton, Framed Staple, Multi-Strands Fused Clapton, Tri-Core Fused Clapton


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